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With Manna Books, you’re in charge. You own your rights, set your prices, and run your own promotions. We don’t require exclusivity, so you’re free to publish elsewhere, too.


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  • Through our innovative platform, your eBook will be made available to readers from up to 200 countries worldwide.
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The Manna Author Portal is a free self-publishing portal that allows authors and publishers to easily upload and edit their eBooks. When you distribute your content through Manna Author Portal (MAP), you are making it immediately available to millions of readers from around the world. You are choosing to take advantage of Manna’s innovative and reliable services. Publish with Manna today, and let us help you fulfill your dream of publishing your work and finding fans around the world.

If you own the digital rights to your content ¬¬¬– be it one title or a hundred – we encourage you to consider distributing your content using the Manna Author Portal.

MannaBooks does not make any of its authors sign exclusivity deals or retain the copyright for a self-publisher's works. You will be free to publish your books on other sites or in other stores. We are determined to ensure that the self-publishing process is as smooth as possible for our registered authors. The MannaBooks platform will provide its publishers with free tools that will manage the operation your writing-publishing endeavours.

MannaBooks offers a standard Independent Publisher Program contract through a service named Manna Writing Life. A publisher’s royalty payments will be provided directly to their bank account using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Authors receive their payment at the end of each month if they have met the condition of generating a minimum of 25 USD equivalent in monthly sales.

MannaBooks does not charge a fee for eBooks distribution. An uploaded book manuscript is formatted to align with the general EPUB standard format for eBook publishing.

For original works, the publisher will receive 70% of their chosen list price (the price the customer pays, not including taxes) for each copy of their eBook that is sold.

If you’re ready to get started with Manna Writing Life, Fill the header form, where you’ll be able to create a new account.

Every publisher using the MannaBooks platform will retain full ownership and other related rights over their published product (eBook).

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